Frequently Asked Questions

The Blog Awards Ireland have been successfully running for the last 7 years. The awards are run by Ashville Media Group, who are the masterminds behind the Digital Media Awards, Bar of the Year Awards, Gold Medal Awards and more.

The Blog Awards Ireland 2018 will take place on Thursday 25th of October in TRAMLINE, Hawkins St, Dublin.

Anyone can nominate a blog for the Blog Awards Ireland.

A nomination is not an entry. If your blog has been nominated, you still must complete our simple entry form to enter into the Awards. A member of the Blog Awards Team will get in contact with anyone who has been nominated to invite them to enter the Awards.

Yes, each category will have a Personal and a Business winner.

If you self-employed and earn money through your blog via advertisements, endorsements, online store, etc or are a household name within the industry, then Business Blog is the category for you.

If you are a first time blogger or a small time blogger then Personal Blog is the category for you.

No, it is free to enter or nominate a blog.

The judges won’t necessarily be aware of the number of nominations your blog has received and they will be judging each blog by the judging criteria alone.

Yes, the category ‘Best Blog of the Diaspora’. Anyone living abroad with an Irish connection can nominate their blog in this category (it must be written in English or as Gaeilge).

They will be judged by public and independent judges.

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